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Do you have a wrecked car, wrecked van or wrecked truck just sitting in front of your house or in the garage? Some vehicles just aren't worth getting repaired or fixed up. It's time to get rid of them and get paid for doing it. Instead of just donating them and getting nothing for them, call us today. We will be happy to stop by and pick up your unwanted or wrecked car, van or truck.

We make selling your junk car simple. No title, no problem. If you are thinking about selling your wrecked car in the newspaper, consider this. It can cost up to $100 a month to list your vehicle in newspaper and it can take weeks or even months to sell your car. We take to brain damage and hassle out of this process for you. Call us and we will give you an instant phone quote, wait 30 minutes and we will be right there to pick up your car, truck or van and give you cash on the spot.


We will pick up your junk car, junk truck, or junk van anywhere in Denver Metro:

Denver • Aurora • Lakewood • Thornton • Arvada • Westminster • Centennial • Northglenn • Boulder • Littleton • Greenwood Village • Wheat Ridge • Englewood • Highlands Ranch • Golden • Evergreen • Parker • Broomfield • Brighton • Glendale • Louisville • Commerce City • Black Hawk • Edgewater • Fort Collins • Greeley • Castle Rock • Lone Tree


Getting cash for junk cars can be a good way to increase the income for people who have cars that cannot be used in traffic any more. Before taking the car to a trashed car facility, a preparation phase has to be done. For achieving their goal, people can take the cars to the junk yard personally, or they can use an old vehicle removal service. There are a lot of steps involved when people need to get rid of a trashed car.

Especially in urban regions, there are a lot of trashed car removal companies, so it would not be hard to find one. It is recommended to get rid of the old cars that can only occupy space in a yard or a garage, as this may prove to be a good method to earn a supplementary sum of money. There are various methods to do this type of activity.

There are some things to be done in order to make sure that the car can be transported to the destination in the proper conditions. The car has to be freed of any personal belongings like music players, GPS systems, books, audio speakers etc. Any disposable thing that can be found in the vehicle will have to be taken out, for ensuring a good condition of the car interior. It will be easier to sell it to a possible buyer if the car is clean.

In the next steps people would have to drain all the fluids from the vehicle recipients: oils, coolant liquids, gas etc. Also, the supplementary tire will be removed. The cleaning measures have to carry on because they can provide a better price for the automobile. The first impression is very important not only when a new vehicle is bought, but also when a trashed one is acquired.

For reaching a buyer, the junk car owner can post announcements in the local newspapers or conduct an Internet search. Many companies online buy trashed cars. There are also websites that deal with this type of announcement, exactly like newspapers. The car can also be sold in parts, for example the tires can be sold separately.

The selling is usually made by signing the papers and passing the car title to the next owner, but before this, all the legal actions have to be made. A car removal company can deal with all these for the owner of the trashed automobile, and may even take the car from the residence for towing it to their firm location.

People must know one thing: once their vehicle is sold, there is no way to get it back. It is not always easy to decide when selling an old automobile. The old junk vehicle may be unique and may cost more later, after it is refurbished.

People must consider getting cash for junk cars as a real method for making some additional revenue. The steps required for this procedure include cleaning the automobile of any junk that can be found inside it, removing any personal object, draining the fluids from it and making the legal things that are involved in this activity.

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